VIT VIT C+E Hand Whitening Cream
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VIT VIT C+E Hand Whitening Cream

VIT VIT C+E hand cream is pure Vitamin C on your skin.

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VIT VIT C+E hand cream is pure Vitamin C on your skin. It has an extremely intense moisturizing effect and protects your hands from external damage by restoring comfort, elasticity, and softness. In addition, Vitamin C acts to whiten and eliminate skin spots caused by the sun or the passage of time. And that’s not all! It also has Sun Protection Factor 15, the ideal cream for daily use which moisturizes nourishes illuminates and protects your skin from the sun’s rays all day long!

How to use

We can apply VIT VIT C+E hand cream at any time of the day and as many times as our skin requires, with gentle massaging movements until it has been fully absorbed. For more spectacular results, we recommend using it in combination with the other products in the line: Exfoliating Mask + Serum + Hand Cream


VIT VIT C+E is composed mainly of pure vitamin C which encourages the inhibition of melanin content in the skin and consequently helps to whiten and unify skin tone. It also contains a combination of vitamins and active ingredients that helps reduce blemishes and which naturally synthesizes skin collagen, protecting against oxidation and reducing the harmful effects of free radicals and hydrating in dept


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